PHANTOM Personal Sponsor Kit
PHANTOM Personal Sponsor Kit

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  • PHANTOM Personal Sponsor Kit
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Product Description
By ordering this kit you become a sponsored member of I A Lighting THIS IS A SPONSORED KIT
The PHANTOM SPONSOR Kit includes  5 of the most popular Lighting Kits Available
-1x Rim Glow Kit
-1x Fender Glow Kit 
-1x Underglow Kit 
-1x 4 Piece Under Dash and Back seat kit  
-1x Grill Glow Kit 

-1x I A Lighting Shirt 
-1x I A Lighting Koozie 

By ordering this kit your vehicle is given the chance to become a sponsored vehicle of I A Lighting. Being a sponsored member does not guarantee the personal sponsors vehicle is also given sponsorship, the vehicle has to be approved of by the owner of I A Lighting.  
Also included is an 10% discount code that will be given to you after purchase. 
This discount code is what will prove your worth as a personal sponsor. For every person that uses the discount code or every person that uses you as a reference, an equal amount of the percentage off will be put towards your sponsor account that will go towards merchandise, free kits, commission, or other rewards that will be discussed with the owner of I A Lighting. 
As a sponsor, you will personally receive a discount code that is more than 10% off. 
I A Lighting has the right to revoke sponsorship at any given time even without reasoning. 

YOUR KIT WILL INCLUDE A 5-6 INCH TALL IA Lighting logo that MUST be put on the front left or front right of the windshield so that it is displayed noticeably to pass one of the qualifications for vehicle sponsorship.

The more you do for the business, the more the business does for you, recommend friends, family, fellow vehicle lovers. 


For information on each kit that is in the Phantom Sponsor Kit, go to the individual products on the exterior and interior lighting pages.

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